About us

3lan, d.o.o. is a recognized provider of quality computer and information services in the Pomurje region and at the border-point region of Slovenia-Austria-Hungary-Croatia. We ensure are customers a complete palette of solutions for the implementation and management of computer networks and systems, for the development and implementation of computer hardware and software, IT platforms, for data storage and security, to be in good command of the most important business processes, integrations and new media. We also offer project management, training and consulting. Our team is composed of a group of experts who come from different areas, which enables a wide range of activities when implementing services and other projects. Teamwork, upgrading knowledge and having a professional approach enable us to achieve excellent results.

Our clients:

3lan, d.o.o. preserves a partnership relation with their clients. These include companies, firms, institutes and other institutions from the public and private sectors who we help in taking advantage of technological solutions with the intention of increasing their competitive advantage. They also carry out their activities with the assistance of our expert knowledge, quickness and quality of our services and processes. User satisfaction and interest are of key significance. A partnership relation is the basis for ensuring effective information solutions, which are completely adapted to their demands and exceed the expected results.

We offer

Expert Solutions
Since we have experience in the area of computers and information technology, we consult our clients about our services when planning, implementing and integrating computer and information solutions. We help them select the most suitable technology and ensure an uninterrupted integration of solutions in the existing information system.

Infrastructure Management
Users demand responsiveness, efficiency and accessibility from computer organizations, which actively support the user’s role in business processes. Experts at 3 lan, d.o.o. assist users in developing and improving the services they offer and at the same time lower costs by combing tools for management, good working practices and improving communication. By focusing on people, processes and technology, we share our experience, knowledge and application with you and offer the integration of total solutions for the management of services. System Integration Our staff is qualified for consulting and planning complex information environments. The latter can be composed of different platforms from different manufacturers. Our process for planning computer equipment is precisely worked out, which is why we can assist you in the development and implementation of new and supplementary computer systems, the use of package solutions or in the integration of different systems.

Information Security
We need a secure environment for safe business operations, which are connected with secure computer and information systems. Basic security in this area is not enough, which is why our experts will recommend the approaches that will ensure high security within your information environment. We shall provide the means to make your information secure and the hardware and software shall be protected against viruses and computer invasions.

Storing Information
One of the most significant demands of all users is the secure copying of very important business data and its back-up in the event of losing it. We assist organizations and individuals in the planning and use of effective and reliable data protection and the storing of this data. We shall provide solutions that will comply with your objectives, reduce the danger in losing data and increase the reliability of protecting your data as well as optimizing data restoration and the operations of the data protection system.

Service and Support
3 lan, d.o.o. offers a total solution for their customers and partners regarding the support of information systems. In addition, pre-sale consulting and post-sale support are included. With acquired knowledge and many years of experience, we have maintained and serviced information systems that comply with the wants and needs of your business operation. We would like to offer you a long-term contract for the maintenance of your information system, quality services and a fast response time.

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